Rubbish outside a house in Devonshire Rd Medowood.

Rubbish Removals

Does your house, office or garden need clearing? Let Premier Removals North East take care of that. We can accommodate all; our work is carried out professionally both interior and exterior. You can find us on the phone we will not ignore your calls. We will get the job done as soon as possible.
Are you a private Landlord? Has your tenant cleaned up before vacating your premises? We are capable of clearing abandoned homes from junk and waste. Premier Removal North East are cheap and fast at removing all your waste disposal, rubbish and junk. Same day rubbish removal is not a problem our teams are flexible and can get you that quote to rid you of all types of rubbish or unwanted items.

If you’re out of the house and can’t wait in that is fine just settle the payment with us and instruct us to your needs you could be leaving your garden gate open to allow us to gain access to collect the rubbish from your garden and dispose it all for you, or leaving your keys with a neighbour. Our trustworthy teams will do the job safely and securely making sure no premises are left open.
Premier Removals North East are suited to everyone our collections are flexible to you. Same day rubbish collection is available and affordable. We guarantee a professional service at an affordable cost and it’s guaranteed that we will get the job done. It can be a single item, one bag or a large collection of rubbish our promise is to clear your house, your office, your garden or your loft. Premier Removals North East specialise in Domestic and Commercial rubbish removals.
We dispose of all your unwanted waste and rubbish correctly, we are environmentally friendly. Our full house clearances offer waste disposal services, removing anything requested such as kitchen ware, beds and bed room furniture, couches and house hold furnishings. We can recycle most of your unwanted items as we are fully experienced and equipped to carry and dispose of waste.
So if you need your garden de-clogging, why not give us a call, our teams are all fully qualified and are able to serve you in most appropriate manner possible. We wear a recognisable uniform so we are easily noticed across the North East and National areas. We are here for you; we are Premier Removals North East.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers old and new for your trust in our company and hope that you fully recommend Premier Removals North East we value you support!

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